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Default Re: Overclocking My FX-55 For the first Time

Hi - does anyone still follow this thread?? I am insterested in any info people can give me as I have the San Diego core 90nm. I am struggling to get this chop to 3Ghz with water cooling.

Full specs are as follows and would seriously appreciate any help... Thanks

Case: Thermaltake Soprano VB1000SNS
PSU: X-Power 400 Watt - 20/24 pin-12v-4 pin-Pci-E 6pin
Cooling: Water cooled, 2 x 120mm (front and rear)

Mobo: Epox 9NDA3I nForce3 (POWER BIOS for "easy" overclocking, haha)
Proc: AMD FX-55 San Diego Core 90nm (Driver: AMDK8.SYS)

Mem: Corsair 1GB (2x512) PC3200 (200Mhz) CMX512-3200XML
(Cas#Lat:2, RAS# to CAS#: 2, RAS#2, TRAS:5)

Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600 series
OS: Windows XP SP3 with all updates.

No knows problems, system very stable with air and water.
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