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Default Re: this game and vi$ta

Originally Posted by grey_1
DX9 I am running exactly as it does in XP Pro X86 - Using 175.63 driver set.

DX10 - Lol, nope.

EDIT: Loreman, just noticed you're using 32 bit. Most everyone I chat with are having the same Vista experience I am, however we all use 64 bit. That could be a big factor.
That is most likely the case is that it has something to do with DX9 versus DX10.

@Loreman: Do you have a 680i or 780i board with 4GB of ram? There is an issue with DX10 + 4GB ram + SLI that basically cripples the FPS. If you take any one of those items out of the equation it will perform better. (It has something to do with a few hotfixes in Vista. If you install SP1 it automatically installs one of the hotfixes) Turning off SLI when using DX10 I can actually run the benchmark. If I run the benchmark in Vista 64 with DX9 SLI I get pretty decent fps on my system.
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