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Default Re: nVidia driver + hibernate = no go?

If You read my postings above, You should notice that I have suspend working (with exceptions) and hibernate too (with latest driver only) in standard Fedora8 configuration.

So it's not that we don't have it at all, it's just somewhat partly working/broken. If You don't need any 3D or super fast 2D, You should stick with vesa or nv driver, coz everything is working using them. If not, prepare for instability... However, with nVidia driver 2D is blazing fast compared to nv or vesa, not to mention 3D, which nv just simply doesn't have at all

As far as I know, no Linux native applications cause crash when wake up!

Comment on my previous post: it seems that TotalCommander with open network disks (CIFS thingy, then mapped to disk letter in Wine) could be the reason for broken wake up from S3 state. At least not leaving it open when suspending, wake up succeeds later.

Anyways, I find it quite interesting how regular applications can cause such a behavior from graphic driver... Or these are just blind luck / no luck situations I have...
Anyway, further findings will come
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