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Default Re: this game and vi$ta

Originally Posted by Bman212121
That is most likely the case is that it has something to do with DX9 versus DX10.

@Loreman: Do you have a 680i or 780i board with 4GB of ram? There is an issue with DX10 + 4GB ram + SLI that basically cripples the FPS. If you take any one of those items out of the equation it will perform better. (It has something to do with a few hotfixes in Vista. If you install SP1 it automatically installs one of the hotfixes) Turning off SLI when using DX10 I can actually run the benchmark. If I run the benchmark in Vista 64 with DX9 SLI I get pretty decent fps on my system.
2GB of ram. FPS isn't crippled, just less. I find this is a general theme across the board with Vista, not just in Crysis.

I actually like Vista in terms of the interface, and it is better to do pro audio apps on it than XP (well it will be when they sort out the drivers, if ever, which I feel is the real issue with Vista), just gaming performance is down fairly consistently. Even when the frames show as being the same, Vista seems to be so more jerky and shuddery than the equivalent in XP.

I wish it was better, I would use it all the time.
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