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Default Re: help!!! how to remap some keys..

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Ninja, I'd give you mine if you were local.
Just have him pay for shipping.

Capt, I know gaming devices are objectionable, but to me, there are too many gimmicks like the N52 or Zboard, etc. It all comes down to basically being a keyboard or a mini-keyboard. I've been keyboard gaming for over 20 years, so I guess I'm stuck there.
Oh the Zboard IS a piece of crap. It is cheaply made. The buttons wear out with in no time.

It doesn't bother me that you don't like the Nostromo. We all have to find the most comfortable way to game. That is what it comes down to.

Yeah, I've been gaming on computers since before the Comodor 64. I remember having to use a joystick for Track n Field on the 64. You had to move the stick side to side to run. We broke many joysticks playing that game. I just never really like using the keyboard for gaming. I like my left and right hands closer together. The Nostromo allows me to put them on my desktop shoulder width apart and my G15 is on the slide out table under the desktop. Works great for me.

As far as my mouse goes, I hate Razers mouse shape too. I got the Habu which is much better shaped for me (not flat) and requires no extra effort to hit the side buttons since I have them sitting directly under my thumb. The mouse comes with 2 different sets of interchangeable buttons for the sides so that you can customize it more.
So you like the Habu? I haven't tried it out yet. As I said I have a G5 and I see no reason to get a new mouse until this one dies. It is made so well that it will be a long time before I need one. I just like the generic dome shape of the G5.
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