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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by darkrider01
I was a closed beta tester. The game has come a long way since beta, as far as playability goes. I think it's been worth it so far. Apparently there is quite a learning curve for a lot of players. I spend about half my time each night answering questions (that I'm sure are answered somewhere, but I love the game and don't mind helping) about how to add friends or how to climb. I think that the starter area could use a little more tutorial, but overall it's honestly doing better than I expected. I still get an error every time I close the game, but the game runs great on my system under Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have been enjoying the game alot, though I probably won't venture onto the PvP servers anymore. The ganking just bores me. It wasn't that I was getting ganked, but the fact that I was able to so easily gank so many people, so was just lame. The PvE servers so far have been more fun for me, so I'm sticking to them.
I was an open beta tester. It was a very good time, but issues such as falling through the steps and bridges (through as in solid material) in the starting city were frustrating. I know they have fixed it since.

I doubt I will continue playing, but I can say it was good - and quite bloody.
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