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Default Re: P5E and Mushkin PC8500

Originally Posted by mullet
Grey a lot of the time setting the CPU Vcore , NB and so on manually will put you in the ball park. Most of the time setting it to Auto will set it to high or to low. How far did you get?
I got to 375x9 fsb, 1.2 vcore (actual), 2.3 vdimm @ 10 something..don't remember exact, using your timings. I didn't touch the NB though, here's why..

I kind of panicked after several bsods and a couple no posts, reset everything to default and still got random bsods. I was thinking bad ram in spite of memtest and the fact it worked fine @ 250x12 on my P5K. But now I'm wondering if it's driver conflicts. I didn't reinstall Win after swapping boards, because according to [H] and..I think it was anand, the drivers Asus uses for both chipsets are identical.

I uninstalled all drivers/devices early this morning, registry editing and all, now I'm stable at default, using Orthos anyway. I think I may just break down and reinstall Win tonight to be sure...crapload of apps on there though .

EDIT: More bsod fun just surfing the web. Reinstall time.
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