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Default Re: Unable to run linux 3d apps


Oh no,
i think it's not the linuxator, that is broken,
FreeBSD 7 new linuxator seems only incompatible
with linux part of nvidia-driver, or vice versa.
I make my little experiments and put by hand
the linux_dri in place of the nvidia-driver linux libs
and the 3D linux games in FreeBSD 7 linuxator start,
not realy "running", but i can start linux ut2004 3D game.
ut2004 works realy slow with linux_dri, not realy playable.

The libs from nvidia-driver linux part are:
wich is a link to:
(the version may be change, this version is from my old post at in November 2007)

Greetings, Fusselbaer
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