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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Something weird keeps happening every time i have to go see my trainer at the thirsty dog inn! ..... I have the cross on the mini map showing i have to go to the thirsty dog inn to see my trainer, so i go into the inn and when i look at my mini map or even press M to bring up the large map its showing me as being in the bottom right hand corner of the map and miles away from the inn\town even thought im actually at the inn! .. when i leave the inn the map shows me as normal, out side the inn with my trainer inside the inn, i go back in and its the same as above! ... ive tried logging out, leaving the game & re-joining but that don't help! ... anybody else have this bug?
Are you sure it isn't because you are supposed to be there at night and you are there at day? Or vice versa? Only thing I can think of.
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