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Default And now it works... (?!)


At the first my computer (4.8-STABLE) did not compile, so I decided to make an "makeworld" _

Then I upgrade the KDE3 metaport:

# portupgrade -rR kde

So my KDE 3.1.0 now is a 3.1.2

After it I use the patch (I tried it with 3.1.0, but it did not work) machdep.c.diff:

# cd /usr/src/sys/i386/i386/
# patch -p0 -i ~/NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-1.0-4365/doc/machdep.c.diff

And finally I re-build my kernel (becouse of a change of colors on my ttys)...

...and it works.

Oh, I have XFree86 4.3.0

Good luck!


PS/ I don't know if one ot those steps is not necesary. It's just a "recipe" that works with my machine
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