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Default Re: Find me a gaming motherboard for this CPU/RAM

what would need to be checked about the SPDIF?

The rampage only has SPDIF out. I need both in AND out. I have an ART digital MPA mic preamp that I use to record through. Right now, It's having to be sent to a usb box and it's usb1 so I'm having stuttering with the sound due to latency issues.

Being able to send the audio via SPDIF straight from the preamp into the PC and then audio back out of the PC into the preamp to the speakers is what has to happen and I don't see many other choices (especially for the price the IP35 is at right now) that offer both out and in for the SPDIF.

The only other option would be something like this.

Though I'm not sure how good of quality I'd get with it.
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