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Default Re: P5E and Mushkin PC8500

Originally Posted by mullet
Cool, did you have 2x2 sticks ot 1x4 sticks of mushkainz.
Yep, it's a pc 8500 line they discontinued a few months ago, 2.3 required. I wonder if this is why they discontinued it?

Right now I'm 2x1 sticks. I'm going to beat up on it for a couple of days just to make sure there isn't something else, then start overclocking again.

Just curious, is this the same as you have?

EDIT: More frikken bsod with the XMS2 - My local mom and pop I got the mobo off of is telling me they are getting quite a few machines back that have Vista64 with SP1 that are blue screening. Uninstalling the SP fixes it. Rolling back now....

This is an adventure I didn't want.
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