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Default Re: Unable to install Nvidia driver on 9500M + Ubuntu

Originally Posted by rlb1961
[ 237.519725] NVRM: BAR1 is 256M @ 0x30000000 (PCI:0002:00.0)
[ 237.519727] NVRM: This is a 64-bit BAR mapped above 4GB by the system
[ 237.519728] NVRM: Linux kernel. The NVIDIA Linux graphics driver and
[ 237.519729] NVRM: system software do not currently support this
[ 237.519730] NVRM: reliably.
Seems to me the problem here isn't that the bios needs to map the memory below 4G, the problem is Nvidia simply haven't updated the drivers to support 64bit memory mapping under linux or ubuntu has done something screwy or a combination of both.

I'm off to find some live CD or 3 of different distros, I was thinking at least Fedora at this stage, and see if the problem still exists, if so it's not just a Ubuntu/Debian issue.
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