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I have an ASUS V9900TD 5800 and a PNY 5800 Ultra. The 5800 runs quietly, with the fan never kicking in for 3D modes like on the 5800 Ultra. This appears to be normal.. Seems like only one 5800 user has ever heard his fan kick in except at boot time.

Performance is solid: ~15K Onionmarks01 and ~5500 Onionmarks03 on an Athlon 1700+ nForce2 system. I can overclock the non-Ultra to Ultra level, but the high end non-Ultra overclocking headroom is less than my Ultra.
- 503/1010 for ASUS 5800
- 540/1050 for PNY 5800 Ultra

I play UT2003 and not much else, so you'll need in-depth gameplay reviews from someone else. UT2003 rocks on the 5800. I have a huge custom map of the NVIDIA campus that crawls on the best GeForce4, but on the the 5800 the game flies.

If you get a 5800, I recommend adding a mm fan to the rear heatsink. I've added a 60 mm to each of my 5800 cards. This is because the stock 5800 and 5800 Ultra fans blow across only the GPU side. Even with non-gaming use, the memories on the back ofthe card get VERY hot, often too hot to touch. A fan on the back will increase the lifespan of backside DDR2 memories, and help keep overall system temps down.

I have been very happy with my 5800 cards.
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