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Default Re: OMG, M$ look to have bought RARE

Originally posted by CraigGen
This is truly a sad day for console gaming if it's true.

Do M$ truly think they can just keep buying their way into everything ?
First Bungie, and they nicked Halo right under the noses of PC and MAC users. Then got the balls to say we are going to get a CONVERSION !?! And in a years time ?

From what I've heard and read, Nintendo could lose Starfox Adventures, and Perfect Dark.

I'll take a cue from savagepaladin and be the least affected.

LIKE I CARE! I'm a pc gamer, not a console ho.

Bungie: Oh no, halo is xbox only? Boo bloody hoo. What a ****ty game. I'm glad it didn't tarnish the PC's reputation of quality games (DeusEx, SS2, etc).

"Then got the balls to say we are going to get a CONVERSION !?! And in a years time ?"

I like it that way, i wish they would stop porting it right now. I dont want to see the day when every idiot will ranting and raving about that "game" ALL OVER AGAIN. Bungie shoulda stuck with Myth.

Nintendo could lose starfox and perfect dark? Oh what a tragedy

Starfox, i'll admit was acceptable. Maybe even decent.

But Perfect dark was the most horifically ****ty game ever released on the n64. And on any game platform, for that matter.

Nintendo gamers will be happy that their xbox counterparts will be forced to deal with such stinking turds as PerfectCrap.


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