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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

No texture popping, higher resolution textures in some places, AA, AF, higher resolution, vsync, higher fps, faster load times, better UI.

Edit: In my continued crussade against onscreen HUDs I've managed to turn the ME HUD off. Open the bioinput.ini and add "ConsoleKey=Tilde" and "TypeKey=Tab" under the [Engine.Console] heading. Save the ini and start up the game. Press "tab" or "~" to bring up the console and then type "showhud". I'm going to bind it to a key so I can toggle the HUD on/off as I please. This is also usefull for taking screenshots.

Additionally, you can display the fps with "stat fps". The "viewmode" commands appear to be working also. I've also read reports that several "give" type commands are working. I'm more interested in graphical tweaks so if you want to know the cheat commands you'll have to get em yourself.
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