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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

excellent comparison sillyeagle and thanks for that. i agree about van+........excellent add on in terms of accuracy......i should know cause i live in that area so i can compare. i run utx canada and van+ on top of that .

All of the screenshots here from FTX area from slaWter, sillyeagle and company are excellent. i just don't have a desire yet to fly down under....and pay money for an add on that i might not spend a lot of time flying in but the product sure looks amazingly well done.

now to derail this thread a bit. i did a flight in a 172 with my buddy (who's piloting) and we flew from victoria, b.c. to abbotsford, b.c. thru Vancouver downtown. so if you want a glimpse of the "realworld" Vancouver+ then feel free to check out my little video. it was an evening flight and a little hazy but if you want to see downtown Vancouver at 2000 feet then check it out here. and there is a link below that if you want the high quality version from youtube it's about 6 minutes or so. i guess youtube now has a standard and high quality option. the high quality seems to clear things up a little more.

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