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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JigenD
Well I was thinking of a few different things. But one I'm interested in is my friend's PC, he's already ordered the game but hasn't gotten it yet. He has a fine GPU (8800GT), but his CPU is old (single core AMD 2.8GHz, I'd have to check again which model), 2GB of RAM, nothing else worth bringing up.

I guess I wonder if the game is very CPU dependent, but I also wonder if a 7800GT would run the game fine at max details at 720p, with minimal AA and AF too.

The CPU will probably hurt him a lot. I remember reading a review where a Core 2 duo at 3.4ghz was maxed out with both cores at 100% the majority of the time, especially around a lot of characters and AI. If he would upgrade to a dual core he would be fine even if he just stuck with AMD.

A 7800GT would probably do ok at 720p with no AA and min AF.
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