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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

little interesting piece of trivia, Bioware didn't actually ported it to PC, Demiurge Studios did.

what is more interesting that we were lied to from the start, PC version was in development before Console version was released, it was kept quite to sell more consoles.

Demiurge and BioWare have teamed up to bring the award-winning title Mass Effect to the PC, customizing the experience to take full advantage of its newest home on the desktop.

Demiurge began working with BioWare during the final stretch of development for the Xbox 360 version, allowing the studios to collaborate closely throughout the co-development process. Mass Effect has been tailored to feel natural to the PC user while staying true to the original game experience. Mass Effect for the PC features a third command wheel so players can access squad members separately, a new inventory system, customized key mapping and a brand new minigame. Extra attention was focused on visuals, offering higher resolution graphics for an enhanced gaming experience for the PC.
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