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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by simmonmsi
Well no offense but if your not running fraps then how do you really know what your FPS is? Im not doubting that it runs smooth on your system or anything I am just curious as to what your FPS would be.

Try running fraps when you get a chance.
Yea I was using the edit that was posted earlier to just check out frames here and there. I just ran FRAPs to take screenshots but I did not check the box that keeps the FPS overlay on them so they're kind of useless... I did however play around a bit with FRAPS running and in heavy combat fps would go from high teens to mid twenties, driving around a planet it was 30-45 fps, running through the Normandy was at 20-30, running around the Citadel it was about the high teens pretty much all the time.

I'll post a couple screens for the heck of it. I'm using SuperSample 2xAA and I have textures on High, not Highest. In the shot of combat at was at 19 FPS at that moment, in the shoot of the Normandy I was at 23 FPS.

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