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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by K-1
Yea I was using the edit that was posted earlier to just check out frames here and there. I just ran FRAPs to take screenshots but I did not check the box that keeps the FPS overlay on them so they're kind of useless... I did however play around a bit with FRAPS running and in heavy combat fps would go from high teens to mid twenties, driving around a planet it was 30-45 fps, running through the Normandy was at 20-30, running around the Citadel it was about the high teens pretty much all the time.

I'll post a couple screens for the heck of it. I'm using SuperSample 2xAA and I have textures on High, not Highest. In the shot of combat at was at 19 FPS at that moment, in the shoot of the Normandy I was at 23 FPS.

Yeah it seems for sure that your CPU is holding you back a bit. I am running the same settings but with the Textures on Ultra High and my FPS is quite a bit higher in those same places.

Thanks for checking it out for me though as I was curious about your CPU.
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