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I like a good racing game, but I always have trouble 'getting into' the more sim styled racers (I consider NFS, TrackMania etc to be "arcade"; GRID is pretty 'sim' to me).

My main problem is CPU driving AI. I can never seem to find a setting I like. They're either too stupid and I own them, or they're too hard and I have no chance. Does anyone else get this? I also struggle to drive around "at the same pace" as CPU cars, meaning they all seem to be in this harmony how they time their braking into corners and accelerate out of corners more or less the same, where as I come flying in and slam into the back of them. It's not like I would have crashed or gone off the track on the corner without them in front of me, but my style always seems far more aggressive than most CPU AI I've driven against. Basically, it seems commonly AI is programmed to actually consider tire wear etc whilst driving, even if it's not properly implemented in the game.

I dunno, maybe I just don't have enough patience to enjoy proper racing games. Even when I throw these games into more arcade settings though, it's usually the same deal.
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