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Default Re: No more patches for Crysis

They did a decent job of supporting Farcry didnt they?
added in extra features (SM3.0 support with geometry instancing, HDR) and new content (textures and stuff in the 64bit patch).

I wouldnt call CryEngine 2.0 crappy code, or any sort of failure.
But contentwise they definatly went to high for their own good, you want to be able to max things out on existing hardware.
Tho its a good thought, to be able to replay a game a year later and itīll look better.. problem is Crysis isnt that great a game, or versitile enough to really want to make you replay it (well, atleast thats how I feel about it)
On the other hand, is it wrong to cater to the ultra high end buyers? as few as they may be.
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