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Default Re: No more patches for Crysis

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
To be fair, Halo is a more mainstream game than most PC shooters. I've been a console and pc gamer since the late 80s, but I've never been a huge fan of the FPS genre. Sure, I played Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, etc. But, after the first Unreal, I lost interest in the genre.

When Halo came out, I blew it off...and then I got the chance to play it. It was refreshing, and the first half of the game is easily one of my most memorable FPS experience. Of course, the 2nd half felt rushed and thrown together.

Still, I feel that Halo only tends to be overhyped in the eyes of PC gamers. I chalk it up to a combination of jealousy, and just differing tastes.
My favorites are FPS. FPS games tend to be more detail in the graphics, and Crysis has done a superb job of delivering some of the best graphics to the market/future. The facial animations/character models are stunning. When the GTX 280 comes out and this game starts moving into smooth frame rates on high with AA...its gonna really start to pick up.

I don't know about others..but i sure as hell cant wait to replay Crysis again on max settings when i get my GTX 280 ><.

When HALO finally hit the was a real disappointment. I did play Halo 1, and i thought it was alright..but i wasn't sure what all the fuss was...Then Halo 2 hit PC...needing VISTA min req...which was pathetic...and the graphics failed way short...and it just fell into a blackhole that no one cares about -.-.

People who diss Crysis fail to realize that this game has set a level/target for gpus and other game designers in terms of graphics to meet and make it playable...its a win / win situation regardless of weather the story was good or not.

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
The problem is that no one considers 9600GT/8800GT to be lower end hardware, they consider it to be top end since nothing is really faster than it (not by much anyway). Low end is 6 and 7 series, which doesn't play nice with this game.

8800GT is med to low end, it defiantly was considered the mid range card, the price was a dead give away, while the performance was actually pretty good..which made this card a good gpu for budget gamers...though the heatsink is a different story -.-.

9600GT is DEFIANTLY a low end gpu release for the 9 series....and again...a great card for $/Value for budget gamers.

The 8800GTS/GTX was the mid - high end while the 8800Ultra was enthusiastic level ><.

The 9800GTX was....i guess a good budget card...performance on level of a 8800GTX @ half the cost ><....but bad timing for its release with the GTX 280/260 and the ATi 4xxx series coming out which will be better in performance by a large margin...and the ATi 4xxx series seem to be having pretty good pricing....but only time will tell if its good in performance.....I can't wait to see them on XFIRE.....i got a x38 so i XFIRE is gonna kick some major ass i am gonna skip the gtx 280 ><
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