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Default Re: Slowly moving to 802.11n ;)

something i posted at dlsreports

My DGL-4300 "died" two days ago. It still turns on, get power but it seems to be in some sort of suspense mode/diag mode.

With just power pluged in, WAN Led is on all the time and LAN1-4 every 3-5 seconds light up for about 2 seconds and go off.

I tried resetting it, in every way possible, nothing have helped. According to the laptop and one computer downstairs, it doesn't send any Wi-fi signal. I had this router for 6 years, it was on for 6 years. It never failed in that time, never required a reboot.

Is there anyway to brink it back to life?

Also yesterday I bought Linksys WRT600n, for 180 dollar router this Linksys is a Piece of crap. Signal strenght is set to max. I barelly get connection downstairs, connection works in about 10% of downstairs.

I will probably go to store today and replace it for DGL-4500.
anyone know how to bring a router back to life?
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