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Default Re: Can someone explain Age of Conan's instancing to me?

Originally Posted by JigenD View Post
OK, basically is it like Guild Wars, where you have to group up to take people into action areas, or is there a few instances to every zone, numbered like 1, 2, 3 that you can choose between? If so, how many players can be in a zone?

Basically all 20+ zones are all open like WoW except that the whole server realm is broken down into 6 or so instances. If one instance in a particular zone is over farmed then you can choose another instance of the same zone. It actually is handy.

Now with in the zones there are instances like in WoW where you can group up or raid to get boss loot and such or just to complete a quest.

It all works together so that you feel like you are all in one large realm.
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