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Default Re: Can someone explain Age of Conan's instancing to me?

Originally Posted by JigenD View Post
Does the game have traditional dungeons? Some of the screenshots I've seen seem to show that. Can you just enter a dungeon like a regular zone and see tons of random people? My concern is being able to group up within these areas, kind of like the EQ1 experience.
Yes. That is what I was saying. The difference is each zone has multiple copies of its self. So you can choose one that has less people in it. It is more like WoW and EQ than it is Guild Wars.

I like the multiple copies of zone because you have a greater chance of completing hard quests. For example there is a quest in the Wild Lands where the wounded child only appears once every 6 hours. No problem if he isn't there, pick another instance. If he isn't in those then you can chose the epic version of that instance where less people if not no one goes into and finish the quest.

You can group up in the zones like EQ.
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