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Originally posted by CraigGen
Well, RARE were talking about going Multiplatform as their contract with Nintendo was ending.

A move I think would be better than M$ buying the company.
might have happened, might not have. we might never know now. rumors are rumors though. i can count how many times there were rumors of SquareSoft bringing games out on N64, which obviously never happened.

And what makes you think that the PC would ever get a port ?
re-read what i said
i would rather have the games on Xbox with the chance for a PC port.
there is no wording there that suggests i think there will be pc ports, just the possibility. whereas, if Rare stayed as Nintendo's lapdog, there would be 0 chance.

Also ,Does it matter when Starfox was coming out ?

If M$ *do* get this deal then they can do what they want with Starfox as it's RARE's code, not Nintendo's.
They could even change it slightly to avoid any Nintendo copyrights.
Either way, it's only going to be Xbox owners who will like his news
because if the game is almost finished it would have to be completely rewritten for Xbox. this isn't like the acquisition of Bungie where they were already planning to have Halo come out on pc(i believe they were actually saying it would be on Mac first, although i doubt that would have actually happened). anyway, Xbox and pc both use DirectX, so that would have been a much simpler conversion job.
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