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Default Re: Sig Images. Yay or nay?

I hate text sigs longer than ten lines = I hate most people's sigs.

In my days as a mod here, you abided by the ten line rule period. IMO that should still be enforced but I understand there are other things right now occupying the current mod staff.

So regarding pic sigs... YES they should be safe for work so people like Q doesn't have to disable images.

That may be a tall order though considering the escalation of racy content here, which does already include pic sigs.

I mean hell, I'd like my daughter to be able to use this forum as her first non stupid-ass disney community, but I don't think I can for a while until I can explain to her about guys being guys... and camp0rz.

A 500x100 safe for work image (see, there's at least a restriction here on their size) is NOT that distracting, especially when it's smaller and more compact than the big obtuse text sigs here.

Q, here's a link to mine, if you can open it somehow...

It ain't so bad, and if users here could just make sure theirs aren't NSFW then you shouldn't have a problem enabling images at work.

I agree that at some forums like riceburner communities, pic sigs are huge, distracting, and retarded.

We're better than that. Let's lead by example.

Pic sigs FTW.

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