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Default Re: Geforce GTX 280 Performance, Price and Pictures!

Originally Posted by Elegy View Post
I'd just like to mention the scale on the performance graph. In Crysis, the GTX 280 is just above 1.8 which means that it performs ~1.8x the speed of the 3870x2. That would be ~36fps for the 280 then if the 3870x2 runs at 20fps.

It seems like the average performance increase is 80% compared with the 3870x2 (ie, not even double the performance), certainly nowhere near four times. This is of course assuming that nVidia haven't chosen specific resolutions and quality settings that make the GTX seem better than it really is, which wouldn't surprise me.
Nah youre wrong, the staple is more than 4 times as high. Witch means about 230% faster! U can't know for sure what those 1.0 and 2.0 numbers really are. Because if it was 2.0 times faster than its the double, and that doesn't correspond to the bar. I.e 2.0 x the speed = double the height of the bar, witch isn't the case here. Logical thinking wise.

Originally Posted by brady View Post
Whoever put those fps numbers on the Crysis bars doesn't understand maths.
Whoever made this comment doesn't understand the principle and takes stuff for grantance...
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