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Default Re: Best Card for 250W P4 Dell?

You have two choices

A: nVidia 7800 GS

More power efficient than a 6800, much faster, runs cool. When overclocked, can approach 7800GT/7900GS speeds. With a P4 @ 2.8 running Prey, Quake 4, HL2 and Full Spectrum Warrior should be no problem, and I'd venture to say that with compromised visuals, UT3 should run good as well. I ran UT3 butter smooth at fairly high settings at 1280x720 with a 7800 GS OC'ed with an A64 3000+ at stock. Ran much better with an X2 chip @ 2.5-2.7ghz however for what it's worth.

B. ATI Radeon HD3850

$150 gets you the absolute best AGP performance. Nothing touches it for the AGP slot, seriously. Dusts the 7 series and approaches high-end 8800-class performance.


You are cpu limited.

BUT enough people have tried cards ranging from 6600GT to HD3850 and have found that even for your "lowly" (I don't agree with that necessarily) Socket 478 setup, going all the way with an HD 3850 has way more benefits than drawbacks.

Your Dell PSU can handle an HD 3850 from what I've heard. Other machines with similarly badged PSU's cannot. Those Dells are solid machines and their PSU's are heavily under-rated by their manufacturer.

EDIT: Wait, you have DDR2... umm, I gotta ask, do you have a 478 P4, or an LGA 775? Cuz maybe a cpu upgrade could seriously help you as well if you have the right chipset.

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