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Default Re: Geforce GTX 280 Performance, Price and Pictures!

I may be wrong but I highly doubt it. Why would they normalize the graph to 1 for the 3870x2 if what I said wasn't true? If it really was four times faster, wouldn't they make it clear on the graph so people wouldn't assume that it's only 1.8x faster?

Plus the GTX 280 has 240 shaders compared with the Ultra's 128. That's 240/128 = 1.875x faster. The GTX280 has better performance per shader but the 280 also has lower clocks all-round so let's just assume that the lower clocks cancel out the improved performance per shader. So the 280 would then be ~1.875x faster than the Ultra, assuming we're talking about shader intensive games of course. That seems to be roughly in line with the GTX 280 being ~1.8x faster than the 3870x2. If I remember correctly, the 3870x2 is maybe 4 or 5% faster than the 8800 Ultra on average?

Let's assume I'm right and the GTX280 *is* 1.8x the speed of the 3870x2. If the 3870x2 is on average 4% faster than the 8800 Ultra, then the Ultra would be at ~0.96 (0.9615...) on that graph for each game. 1.8/0.96 = exactly 1.875.

If the GTX 280 is 1.875x faster than the 8800 Ultra from two independent sources, it's a pretty safe bet to assume that's the truth. Where did you get your figure of four times faster anyway? I don't think any generation has beaten the previous generation by that significant a margin, ever.
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