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Default Re: Geforce GTX 280 Performance, Price and Pictures!

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Your mathematic thinking doesn't work here mate. U can't just take the shaders or the clocks and say its this and that much faster in game performance, that's just stupid. The shaders are only one of the bases for how a graphic card performs.
I totally agree that shaders and clocks aren't everything but they are a rough indicator. Let's say a card came out that was exactly the same as the 8800 Ultra except it had twice as many shaders. Surely what you'd infer from that is that it's roughly twice as fast. Of course that's just an estimate but it's a better estimate than four times, or 1.2x.

The specs of a card obviously give indicators for performance. Efficiency, drivers, etc... all play a role too so I'm not saying that the GTX 280 will be exactly 87.5% faster than an 8800 Ultra. What I am saying is that it will be roughly 87.5% faster, based on what information we have. I'm guessing maybe... 87.5% +/- 50%? Not exactly precise but it seems fair. Nothing we've seen indicates that it'll be four times faster.
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