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Default Re: Geforce GTX 280 Performance, Price and Pictures!

Originally Posted by Elegy View Post
I totally agree that shaders and clocks aren't everything but they are a rough indicator. Let's say a card came out that was exactly the same as the 8800 Ultra except it had twice as many shaders. Surely what you'd infer from that is that it's roughly twice as fast. Of course that's just an estimate but it's a better estimate than four times, or 1.2x.

The specs of a card obviously give indicators for performance. Efficiency, drivers, etc... all play a role too so I'm not saying that the GTX 280 will be exactly 87.5% faster than an 8800 Ultra. What I am saying is that it will be roughly 87.5% faster, based on what information we have. I'm guessing maybe... 87.5% +/- 50%? Not exactly precise but it seems fair. Nothing we've seen indicates that it'll be four times faster.
No man, u still can't use it as "roughly" comparision for real world performance in games as its only one of the factors from how a card performs. And "based on the information we have" is a graph that shows performance in bars. One bar is this high, and the othe bar is 4 times higher, why would nvidia make the bar 4 times as high if it was less than double the performance? Then they would make the bar 80% higher aka 4/5th times higher.

Originally Posted by ihatedumbpeople View Post
Soetdjuret you are a complete and utter moron if you really think that the GTX280 is going to be anywhere close to being 4X as fast as an 8800Ultra. In order for that to be the case we would have to see a total and complete new architecture instead of just increased shaders etc.

Elegy's Figures are much much more believable than yours and pretty much fall in line with what everyone else thinks. I really do not think you should be the one to question any body elses mathematic skills either. LMAO.

I don't think anything you "moron?", i speak from the graph nvidia released and are using logical thinking, am not assuming anything here! Mathematics or logical thinking, words against words.. theories against theories. What can i say? The mathematical theory says its 1.8 aka 80% faster if you guess that the nubers on the far left side really is "times faster", but that wouldn't correspond to the bars. The logical theory is that the bar is 4 times as high in a performance chart then this would mean its 4 times as fast, logically. So noone can really say witch one is right as we dont know what the numbers on the left means, we can only guess here. I'd like to see on things from the logical side.

Ps, there's no need to flame and behave like a kid. Youre welcome to take part in this discussion if you feel so. But keep doing as you did in your first post is gonna make your time on nvnews short believe me.
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