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Default Re: Geforce GTX 280 Performance, Price and Pictures!

Originally Posted by Elegy View Post
Why would they make the bar four times as high when it's only 80% faster? Because it makes their product look faster and better, it's as simple as that. That's what companies do, day in day out. If the GTX280 really was 4x faster, we would know about it for sure and nVidia would make it perfectly clear on that graph. I've shown you two independent sources - the graph and the specifications of the Ultra and the GTX - to back up my theory. What backing do you have for yours?
I doub't nvidia are lying like that. If youre right then the bars are lying and i can't accept that. I have no backup more than the procental height of the bars thats about it. I can't know for sure, i just can't say youre right because we dont know what the numbers on the side indicates for real. Until then, noone really knows for sure. We can only guess. But the most realistic is that its not 4 times faster no, that sounds a lill too good to be true.
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