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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Originally Posted by sittingpenguin View Post
Because I don't think giving out those numbers will cause Sony or Samsung to expose vital secrerts for their companies, is there anyone who knows how to go about asking that to them, which department to contact, an e-mail address; I can do it for Sony as I've got a Vaio, and we could also team up to make more noise.
Teaming up sounds like an idea. I've been watching various forum threads about this. On the Ubuntu and Sony ClubVaio forums there is one guy named 'benste'. He seems to be a moderator on the official Sony ClubVaio forums. Maybe he can contact Sony for us.

Forum threads:

Someone also noted that there is a Windows XP driver available for Sony Vaio's with working backlight. Maybe we could ask the guys who did this if they know anything. Also, extracting the register key with nvClock doesn't work on Vista, it does however work on WinXP. If we use the Windows XP driver, could we then figure something out with nvClock?
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