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Default Re: Free Return to EQ and EQ2

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I loved EQ1, it was the best game because it was so focused on grouping. You talk about the XP loss like it was a bad thing, it was something you feared so you played carefully. In modern MMORPGs you have the developer holding your hand throughout the entire game... I feel like god in WoW because if I die it doesn't affect me...
XP loss IS a bad thing. Only people who enjoy punishing them selves for playing a game will enjoy a game like EQ. I played it for a week and literally threw the game in the garbage. Everything about it sucked from its arrogant system of "WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT" to its crappy graphics. Even for its time the graphics sucked. You are basically in a box with a monster or two. Oh and the TRAIN COMING THROUGH the whole zone was a nice touch. Nice way to train mobs on people you wanted to die so they would go commit suicide because they lost all their gear from 5 years of grinding. LMAO! What a sad game this POS was.

You know a game is bad when I talk this bad about it. I am a very easy going person with regards to games. You can have bad graphics and I won't complain. You can have a bad story and I won't complain. You can have a crummy UI and I won't complain but when you create a game that punishes you while taking your money each month, that tends to piss me off. In fact even the idea that there are people who sat around and thought "how can we make a game as real as possible with insane penalties for dying or even quest you CANNOT COMPLETE" insults every being of my existence.
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