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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Originally Posted by nielsslot View Post
On the Ubuntu and Sony ClubVaio forums there is one guy named 'benste'. He seems to be a moderator on the official Sony ClubVaio forums. Maybe he can contact Sony for us.
I see there are already talks with 'benste' over at ubuntuforums to contact Sony and it sounds like he can indeed do it, the problem is that he does not know exactly what to ask for, he only talks in general about specifications. What we need is the register keys for brightness up and down, all the rest has already been nailed down.

Tonight after putting the children in bed I'll subscribe to either Vaio club or Ubuntu forums and tell him, or if someone of you guys is already talking to him there please tell him, it's just the register keys for the brightness control. Those should be forwarded to the nvclock developer, this is outside of the responsibility of Nvidia as I understand now.
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