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Default Re: QX9650 overclocking?

I am a little confused.

My cpu is at 1.2v and I am clocked at 3500MHz (10.5 x 333)

This seems find. my pc boots and runs cool, is this voltage too low and as a result I am not seeing the full effect of 3500MHz ?

Can some one explain for me? like, should I increase the vcore?

P5E3 mobo.


OK, I went into my BIOS and i set the VCore to 1.25 but it doesnt show up in cpu-z. when i set it to 1.30 it shows up as 1.256 and when its working on something like orthos it goes to 1.232.

Can someone explain this to me.


Ok so I have my cpu at 3676 at a 333.9 X 11 overclock, my vcore is 1.224 but i think i have it set to 1.250 in the bios.

It plays UT3 and crysis with out BSODing.
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