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Default Re: Time Warner plans to cap usage

from $29.95 a month for relatively slow service at 768 Kb/s and a 5 gigabyte monthly cap to $54.90 per month for fast downloads at 15 Mb/s and a 40 GB cap.
$29.95 is way overpriced for such a package WAY overpriced. If this is meant to be the "people that check e-mail and do a little browsing package", they missed the mark by at least $10. And the 15mb/s on a 40GB limited service is a joke, I watch a lot of my TV shows (and some movies) online, and man someone help me if I want to watch them in HD + my normal surfing + iTunes downloads + gaming + patches + game downloads.

Wait never mind I can only do 2-3 of those things every month, guess it's time to live without...
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