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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Hi benste! Hey, you're the man!
You're only 16 and already using Linux since many years... when I started out with UNIX I was already almost twice your age, and those were the years were almost everything, including my CAD software, could only run on UNIX, many years ago... what a disaster, I am old! Anyway Unix is coming to the resque, get out of its way while you're still alive!

Back to the issue at hand, I was saying that we only need the register keys to control the brightness because the Fn keys on my VGN-FZ already send scan codes to the acpi interface; so to get Fn/F12 (hybernate) to work I only had to modify the script in /etc/acpi/events (in Ubuntu) inserting the correct scan codes out of acpi_listen. Fn/F7 I've not tried yet but I believe it can be easily bound to the nvidia utility. There is one little neat program to wich one could bind Fn/F10 (zoom) called Virtual Magnifyer Glass, but the actions controlled by acpi events are executed as root and I don't want to run software as root, I also don't have sight problems so I don't need it.

So what's left is the brightness, because the Fn keys do work on any sony laptop (at least that's what I thought before reading your message).

And this is my take on your points:
-brightness -> nvclock, on the laptops where it is controlled birectly by the Nvidia chip it is already supported by Nvidia, on those where it is not, they will never support it.

-Fn keys -> sony-laptop kernel module, already working on most models, site:
there's also a thread running in ubuntuforums to collect informations for the developer.

-Card reader -> good luck finding someone willing to develope a kernel module for it, mine is Texas Instruments and's it's now supported after years of reverse engineering.

But of course if we get details about the inner workings of the entire Sony Event Manager that's great, what can we ask more?

But for the brightness problem please do read the thread over at the sourceforge nvclock site to understand what the developer needs:

I'm also not a developer unfortunately, I'm just trying to get things going.

Cheers anf thanks again for your invaluable efforts!
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