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Default Re: STOP the tag Abuse

Here's all the tags I personally added : "ummm" (was in the thread name, I intended to put that for every new thread that had 'ummm', just because it was a funny way to start the thread), "fat dead guys" (quote from the thread name again), "screenshots" (for the screenshots thread), "vaporware" (DNF thread, self explanatory), "murder simulator" (GTA4 thread, Jack Thompson quote), "gay eyes" + "mega gods" (ridiculous in thread content), "brown" + "bloom" (this one I really hoped to do for every game that had excessive browness or excessive bloom), "tygerwoody fatally flawed" (read the other tags there), "better screen effect" (ridiculous quote from a site), "warlocks" (Witcher thread), "paying for ads" (Playstation Qore announcement), "lawsuits" + "tits desu" (Itagaki sues Tecmo announcement), "old news" (old news), "pixel counting" (another one I wanted to do, every thread that brought up pixel counting), "girlfriends" (every thread that brought up girlfriends)

Some of those might have gone a little far, but all were appropriate and a few might have actually worked out well in the long run. If *I* get banned for the ones I did above, the system will NEVER work in the eyes of the moderators and probably should be turned off.
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