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Default Re: Official Lego Indiana Jones Feedback thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Woohoo! That's awesome the PC version has the 360 graphics. I was so dissapointed when the PC version of Star Wars II had PS2 graphics I returned it. Star Wars I was great as it is still the only version with HDR and puts the revamped PS3 and 360 versions to shame.

Now onto the PC version of Indy. :: Looks like I might get that as it's 1/2 the price of the console versions here BUT I'll let Beagle decide, she prefers playing on the couch in front of the TV, now before anyone starts talking about DVI to HDMI cables (Nekro). My HTPC is not good enough for this game, and I'm sure as hell not dragging my Stacker through the house.
But what about when you upgrade the HTPC? Would it be good enough then? If so I vote PC version!!
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