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Default Re: Crysis VS COD 4: A Video Commentary

Originally Posted by TrixteH View Post
You must be really upset to ressurect this thread and come out with all that 'sarcasim'.
Nah, am not upset at all, found that back in this thread and wanted to post it myself, i lol'd pretty much.

Originally Posted by TrixteH View Post
I wonder at this time of me typing this how many people are playing COD4 and how many are playing Crysis...i'd bet my life savings that there is at least 50x more people playing cod4 and that isnt just to oggle over the graphics but to play the game.
Yes, that's because crysis MP isn't strong. Its also because the call of duty series have been up for a good whyle and the game is well known, ppl loved call of duty 1, also 2. And they don't doubt that the forth one will be bad either so they buy it. Crysis is alot less known and most relevant for the ppl that got fairly good systems. Crysis MP is more demanding than the SP game for some reason and that also plays alot in the fact. There are more ppl with good gaming systems than there is ppl with older/slower systems.
If we speak SP i had alot more fun with crysis than Cod4. Try to find a shorter game than Cod4. Its alive thanks to its MP.

Originally Posted by TrixteH View Post
Yes Crysis is stunning but cod4 will kick its ass all over the place in terms of gameplay. Ahh wait your the guy that posted the BS screens of the crysis expansion lmao....figures :/
It may kick it ass in MP due to several factors, but in SP crysis still owns. And am sure the upcoming parts of crysis will be even better. Crysis is only 1/3 of a whole game so go figure.
Yes i am the guy posted the pics from Warhead, and its not an expansion. Its the sequel or part 2. And those pics arn't bullsh!tting anyone, those are just cool realtime renders, not even ment to reprecent the ingame gameplay. Those are a montage. Cod4 fanboy.. go play.
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