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Default Car Sub build in home.

Actualy its for my room. And I bought a few things I just thought I would take a few pictures of the box build and whatnot. This is just a quick post to show the speaker I got. Ive always had car audio for subs in my room. Before this I had 2 old jl audios (around ~150watt RMS.) Anyways I mentioned back before that I was ordering a 15" Fi audio. I instead went with the 18" and this things pretty neat.

I didnt want too big a motor because the small size of my room limits how far away I can keep it from my pc and stuff. So I went with the 18" SSD Fiaudio. Speaker can be found at

I added the BP power and Copper Coil option.

Anyways That and a 1800Watt Max 1ohm stable at over 1kwatt RMS Kenwood Amp Ive read great things about. And allot of 4gag/8gag/and 12gag wire for power and speaker. Ill show you all the other stuff Im using to power the amp later.

For now Hears the speaker.

Lots more updates on the way tomorrow.

Check Out
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