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Default Re: Official Lego Indiana Jones Feedback thread

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
like crainger mentioned, price difference in countries other then US is huge.

Console games cost 100-150 dollars(US dollars) in Poland, PC games about 40-50 dollars.

That why PC games have over 80% of the market.

In USA the price difference is smaller, about 10-15 dollars.

1) price
2) better controls for many games, especially shooters
3) ability to use the type of controller that you want
4) better visuals, especially after you enable AA and AF

btw, crainger, i got my stacker hooked up to the HDTV
I didn't know there was THAT big of a price difference, I assumed the price difference was like 30% of the cost, not 100%. The console companies really need to get those price differences in order.
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