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Default Re: The detail of Devil May Cry PC Demo

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I ran the benchmark on my system and I got between 40-60 FPS with it at 1900x1200 no AA super high everything. But when I went to play the demo there was a section that had you feeling like everything was in slow motion. I ended up having to drop to 1650 resolution so that everything stayed smooth. This was DX10 btw.

BTW: I did try DX9 and it runs significantly better a solid over 50 FPS at 1900x1200 4xAA super high everything.
Yeah, DX9 runs a lot better. Weird, since Lost Planet was one of the few games to run better in DX10 mode at the same settings. There's also a rendering bug with DX10 mode (on my HD3850, at least) where you can see the outlines of the triangles that make up some of the water and the crystal orbs.
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