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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
I have yet to gain a ton of levels. I'm only now close to 20. Alt-itis got the best of me at first, but now I have settled on a Dark Templar.

Funcom really needs to be patching the **** out of this game over the next month or so or I feel people will start leaving the game. It is way buggier than it should be. The launch should have been pushed back a few more months. I'll give this game 3 months from launch to get right before I leave.
I might not make it past the free month, lol. I'm tired of the bugs and issues. They buggered the buffs/food with Monday's patch and they haven't fixed it yet.

I'm 41 now and content is getting slower. Go kill 10 wolves on the left side of the river. No go kill 10 more wolves on the right side of the river. They are literally 50 feet from each other. Why not have me kill 20 wolves? Sheesh.

Also the chained or adds are weird. There can be 4 mobs in front of me, the one furthest away aggros and runs past the other 2 to attack me. I then pull one guy that is far away from the other 3 and 3 aggro. So freaking wacked.
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