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Default Re: Car Sub build in home.

Originally Posted by AOD CASPER View Post
KasuCode, that sub was only $240? Man when I bought this one it was $800. Still not the most expensive, I bought a JL 13w7 for $1,050 but holy $h!7 that thing sounded better then one of my 18's.
Its $284 with the options I got. I wanted to get a BTL but the motor is way too big and I fear it sitting too close to my PC.

Anyways. It got dark and I stoped taking pictures after awhile but I got all the wood cut.

Still need to do some more sanding but the wood is ready for the most part.

The box will be done and speaker bumping tomorrow. That include, Finish sanding, Build, Paint, mount sub, do wiring. I would take pictures of the amp and whatnot but ill show you when im ready to install.

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