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Default Re: Car Sub build in home.

Originally Posted by AOD CASPER View Post
how do you go about installing and powering the sub in your room?
Ill show you tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Buckeye View Post
trying to move the walls around ?
The sub sitting on my bed with no enclosure and a crap house amp with 150watts (gain hallf way because its only 4ohm so more less 80watt) was shaking my windows and much louder then my Logitech z5500s bass. I played some test tones untell I started getting to 44Hz my house amp started poping so I turned it off so it didnt fry lol. I just wanted to see if my house amp could even move the speaker at all. This things going to be crazy when I get it boxed up and powered to its max.

Originally Posted by AOD CASPER View Post
I was using 2 RF BD1000's to power 2 18's in an S-10 (8 Cu.Ft. ported box)
This box is about 6.5cu.ft after speaker displacement. I was trying to tune this thing to get the best sound I could from it. I used a few diffrent port generators and read allot before I decided how I should build my box.

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